Monday, December 10, 2012

Realm of Mystara

Shirt - :PAPER DOLL: @ [: B!ASTA :]
Pants - Melissa Seriously @ *Rag Dollz*
Shoes - Lara Pumps Black @ SLink
Hair - Tyler w/roots [Fudge] @ >TRUTH<
Skin - Kumi [Vanilla] @ Pink Fuel
Lips - Yogurt Lip Gloss/Lashes/Blush [Grapefruit] @ Pink Acid
Eyes - Royal Blue @ ROMI
Hands - MESH Hands Elegant @ SLink

*GizzA* Free Tutu

If you're like me, you love hunts. One of the hunts I've been doing is the With Love Hunt by CHIC Management SL. When headed to one of my fave stores, *GizzA*, I saw they had this free Tutu out. I thought it would be fun to rock it out a bit with converse and head phones. ;)

Headset - SS Headset BDSM v2 @ The Slut Shop
Lollipop - Emma Heart Lollypop @ [md]
Dress - PBIP Campain @ GizzA
Shoes - Monica Sport Sey Black Convers @ JStyle
Hair - Tyler w/roots [Fudge] @ >TRUTH<
Skin - Kumi [Vanilla] @ Pink Fuel
Lips - Yogurt Lip Gloss/Lashes/Blush [Grapefruit] @ Pink Acid
Eyes - Royal Blue @ ROMI

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Riding the Trails

Today I played around with some Windlight Settings by Strawberry Singh. Amazing what these settings can do to a photo. The Amethyst one is so beautiful...and I loved the vintage hues provided by some of the others:

Dress - Romance Tunic Dress [Mint] @ *TOXIC*
Shoes - Knitted Brown Leather Slouch Boots @ Chez GiGi
Hair - Tyler w/roots [Fudge] @ >TRUTH<
Skin - Kumi [Vanilla] @ Pink Fuel
Lips - Lipstucks 05/01 @ Ricielli
Eyes - Royal Blue @ ROMI

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Anyone else follow the Twilight series? I can't say anything will ever add up to my first love, Harry Potter, but I enjoyed BD2 more than I thought I did. My friends and I all went and were about to be in tears at the twist ending! Anyway, I was trying some new skins, lips, etc. out and after I took this picture I thought it looked a bit like an older Renesmee. You be the judge. :)

Necklace - Anymore *Your Heart*
Dress -  Aurelia @ Lillou's Designs
Hair - Tyler w/roots [Toast] @ >TRUTH<
Skin - Kumi [Peach] @ Pink Fuel
Lips, Lashes, Blush - Secret Lipstick @ .::CENSORED::.
Eyes - Royal Blue @ ROMI 

50s Goth in Paris

I saw this dress on one of SL's "Picture of the Day" and HAD to have it. Let me tell you, it took me forever to locate this dress!!! Apparently it made its debut at an event for the Hope for Emilia event back in summer and is now found at AD Creations home store.

Shape - Mischa
Skin - Haydee @ Ricielli Mesh
Nails -  Pink Nails @ ::BabyPrincess::
Lips, Lashes, Blush - Tint & Gloss [Cocoa] @ .:Glamorize:.
Eyes - Shamrock [Mint] @ ~*By Snow*~
Hair - QCX [BlondeFun] @ LeLutka
Dress - 50s Goth Swimsuit @ AD Creations
Shoes -  Hollywood Diamond Pumps [Black] @ Bliss Couture


Sadly, the Beppu sim has closed. If you never got the chance to experience it, it was a beautiful spot with seasons and shops and beauty. I thought I'd run over there quickly and get some snapshots to remember it!

Location: Beppu

Skin - Janine @ [Gallant]
Lips, Lashes, Blush - Midnight Out @ Pink Acid
Eyes - Electraeyesblue @ ALADY
Hair - Sarita [Streaked Auburn] @ TRUTH
Outfit - Popsy [Yellow] @ GizzA

Rockin' The 80's

Skin - Janine @ [Gallant]
Nails - Pink Nails @ ::BabyPrincess::
Lips, Lashes, Blush - Heart on Lipstick [Purple] @ Pink Acid
Eyes - Electraeyesblue @ ALADY
Hair - QCX [BlondeFun] @ LeLutka
Black Necklace - Black Knotted & Long Bead Necklace @ Bonita's Jewelry & Funique Shop
White Necklace - Forever Adored Long Beaded [White] @ Tootsie Knopfli
Dress -  TUTU [Rockin' Diva] @ GizzA
Jacket - Biker Jacket [Pinky] @ GizzA
Shoes - Platform Pumps @ HOC Industries